Live Norwegian Concerts

Café de Concert – a Norwegian duo playing fiddle and piano – and King of Convenience – also a Norwegian duo but more into popular music and folk music – are touring Asia.

       Café de Concert will perform tomorrow, Wednesday 24 February at 19.00, with much humor and a lot of madness but serves quality music in the beautiful garden of the Norwegian Seamens Church, Pattaya. Aksel Kolstad on Piano and Bjarne Magnus Jensen on Violin just finished a similar concert in Singapore and Indonesia. The ticket price for the concert is only THB 150 including coffee and cakes.

       King of Convenience will also star their Asian tour in Singapore. Here, the two young Norwegian artist, Erlend Øye and Eirik Glambek Bøe will perform on March 18 and 19 at 19.30 at Esplanade in the MOSAIC Music Festival. The ticket price for the concert is $80.

       From Singapore, the duo will travel to Thailand, where they will perform at the Monster Studio, Ladprao 80. The ticket price THB 800 (standing only).

Café de Concert – the driving force behind Café de Concert is to present classical music to a larger audience. The genre has by no means the same appeal as pop, rock or jazz. Creating a more relaxed atmosphere results in a more intimate concert format than the traditional solemn style. The idea that classical music can once again become popular music, the way it once was, is the motivation behind the concept Café de Concert.

Classical concerts at cafés – Café de Concert recruits musicians, both students and professionals, to play classical music for the people. The goal is to stimulate as well as strengthen everyone’s interest in classical music. The level of musicianship is high, and with a relaxed, positive atmosphere, between the pieces, it is possible to have a cup of coffee, have something to eat or perhaps talk with the person sitting beside you.

Café de Concert is an arena for all creative arts. In addition to musical performances, there are regular arts exhibitions and ballet/modern dance performances directed by CdC.

Kings of Convenience are two Norwegian guys from Bergen, Erlend Øye (on the right) and Eirik Glambek Bøe, both born in 1975 (Erlend November 21 and Eirik October 25). They met at school and at 16 yo started playing together. With two other friends they formed a rock band called Skog (forest in Norwegian), that released an EP before splitting up. Then, after releasing three EPs as Kings of Convenience with the Norwegian label Éllet and a self-titled album for the American Kindercore, they signed for the French label Source.

They rearranged some old material and added some new for their acclaimed ‘Quiet is the New Loud’. They also released ‘Versus’, a compilation of remakes, remixes and collaborations. The new album is called ‘Riot on an Empty Street’ and it’s now available everywhere.

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