Thailand and Maersk Line Jointly Relieve Haiti

The Thai government has donated 20,000 metric tons of Thai rice to for the Haitians. The first load has arrived in Haiti already, flown in for free by Thai Airways International.
But now, the United Nations World Food Programme, Thai Government, and Danish Maersk Lines will jointly facilitate the 2nd shipment. Approx 3,525 metric tons of Thai rice which is split into 4 loads, first sailing is planned on the 15th of March.
The Thai government donated the large quantity of rice to WFP, which then have will be transported for free by Maersk Line.

In connection with the earthquake in Haiti, the AP Moller – Maersk set up a Disaster Relief Team, which was tasked to examine how the company could contribute.
“It resulted I a letter to the UN where we offered a wide range of services, for example free shipping with Maersk Line in a period,” says Helene Regnell from Maersk.
And Maersk has helped the UN in other issues too, Helene Regnell tells:
“World Food Programme have been in need of storage space for food in Haiti, where almost everything is collapsed. We have therefore made some containers available to them.”

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