Swedish Importer to Sell Thailand’s Largest Beer in Europe

Which brand is Thailand’s largest beer brand? LEO Beer
Who will introduce LEO Beer in Europe? Galatea Spirits AB!
Surprised? Well, you are not alone. First surprise is how the quite young LEO Beer has managed in stealth to conquer the Thai Beer market from its older brother Singha Beer and aggressive competitor Chang Beer. Second surprise is how the rather unknown – at least outside Sweden – distributor Galathea Spirits has landed the deal to become European distributor of the brand..
Initially, Galatea will from 1 April this year introduce Leo Beer in the Swedish market. It will be available through Systembolaget at 13.50 SEK for the small bottle (60 Thai Baht) and 24.90 SEK for the big bottle (111 Thai Baht).
Galathea describes LEO as having a “lemon like hobs scent with a delicious sweet malt taste and a soft bitter aroma finish”. This should make it perfect for hot dishes like we know them in South East Asia.
The Thai brewery Boonrawd was established in 1933 and held the Thai market in a near monopoly with its still popular Singha Beer until the Danish Carlsberg was introduced in the early 1990’s. When the monopoly was broken, the brewery behind Carlsberg introduced its own Chang Beer. The beer soon took over Carlsberg’s position and continued the onslaught on Singh Beer with Heineken Beer as a free beneficiary of the battle in its wake. To fight off the new intruders on Singha Beer’s market, LEO Beer was introduce by Boonrawd in the early 2000’s.
Galathea has an annual turnover of 550 million SEK and a staff of 60 employees. The company os part of the Galatea Group including also Tegner & Hermansson AB and KGA logistics AB.


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