Air Ambulance From Thailand to Denmark with Danish Woman Force-Landed

An air ambulance with a Danish woman with heart problems, on the way from Thailand to Denmark, Friday had to make an emergency landing in Frankfurt because of the ash cloud over northern Europe, reports

Alarm Manager at SOS International Morten Holten says that the elderly Danish woman during her holiday in Thailand with her husband, suddenly became seriously ill because her heart began beating too fast.

While her husband stayed in Thailand, the Danish women Thursday night came in an ambulance to Copenhagen, but because of the ash cloud from the Icelandic volcano, the plane had to land Frankfurt Friday Morning.

“It is serious about her heart, I can say that without being a doctor, and she is now being treated at a hospital in Frankfurt,” says Morten Holten from SOS International to BT.

Morten Holten says that right now is about 40 sick Scandinavians stranded around the world who should have been home, but now needs to be treated, where they are.

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