New Swedish Ambassadors to China and Singapore

The Swedish Government has appointed new Ambassadors to China and Singapore. Lars Fredén has been appointed Sweden’s Ambassador to China. He has been Sweden’s Ambassador to Macedonia since 2008 and before that was Ambassador to Croatia for two years. Lars Fredén was previously stationed in Beijing from 1998 to 2003, where he was Minister and Deputy Head. He has also served as Vice-Consul at Sweden’s Consulate-General in Hong Kong and at the Embassy in Russia.

Ingemar Dolfe has been appointed Ambassador to Singapore. He has been Deputy Head at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs Department for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation since 2007. Before that he was Counsellor at the Swedish Delegation to the OSCE in Vienna and has also served at the Embassy in London.


The former Ambassador to Singapore Teppo Tauriainen has been appointed Sweden’s Ambassador to Canada. He has been Director of the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs International Trade Policy Department since 2007. Before that he was Ambassador to Singapore for five years.



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