Left Stranded Danes Blame Thai Airways

About 300 Danes are still left stranded in Bangkok. Now they have had enough. Yesterday they turned up at the Danish Embassy, reports Politiken. And they have made their own support group on Facebook.

40 left stranded Danes yesterday met at the Danish Embassy to ask for help. They are part of group of tourists from the travel agency Top Tours, and they are currently staying a hotel in Bangkok, just waiting to get home.

The group is blaming Thai Airways for bad planning. And says that Thai Airways have promised extra flights which never were realised, because only 30 Danes were allowed on the extra planes.

For now it seems like the Danes will be leaving in the beginning of May, two weeks later than planned. Which they are very unsatisfied with and they have started their own Facebook group to get more support.

And now Danish Embassy in Bangkok will contact the Foreign Ministry and try to make them to put pressure on Thai Airways for a quick solution.

Read the full article in Politiken.

Another left stranded Dane claims that Thai Airways don’t care about the left stranded but prioritise customers who buys new tickets.

But that is refused by the Sales Director at Thai Airways, Flemming Sonne. He tells Berlingske that Thai Airways are trying to get everyone home as soon as possible:
“We expect that Tuesday there will only be 250 stranded Danish guests back and we started out with 1500,” he says.

Sunday the first Thai Airways flight with left stranded guests flew to Copenhagen, together with two others to Stockholm and Oslo.

Read full story in Berlingske.

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