Danish Men Gets Penis Enlargements in Thailand

More and more Danish men ask Thai doctors for help to get a thicker and longer penis. Off they go for a long vacation to Thailand. Often they get help from the Danish company Hygeia Healthcare, which is working under the brand Destination Beauty, specializing in plastic surgery in Thailand, writes Dagbladet Holstebro/Struer.

“Men are becoming more vain. Now one in four of our patients are men.” says manager Martin Filskov Olsen.

Some of the men who goes to Thailand are unhappy with the penis they got by nature. And then Thai doctors give them a helping hand for a price of 12.000 DKK to 15.000 DKK. A price which doesn’t seems to scare the male patients away.

If you already started to wonder how it is done, the answer is that some fat taken from the clients hip or stomach and then moved to the shaft of the penis and thereby the circumference is increased.

Similarly it’s possible to enlarge the length of a penis.

“This type of surgery is so popular that it must be at young Danish men’s Top Five in Thailand”, says Martin Filskov Olsen from Hygeia Healthcare.

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