Woman Pays for Breast Job in Thailand With Best Friend’s Money

A 41-year-old woman in Norrköping has been indicted on charges of forgery and fraud after borrowing about 450,000 kronor ($62,000) in her best friend’s name, of which she spent 50,000 kronor on breast surgery in Thailand. The accused has admitted to the crimes.   

The woman also repaid private debts, including those from failed businesses overseas, with the funds, newspapers in Norrköping reported on Thursday. In addition, the woman travelled to Thailand several times and underwent a breast operation.

The woman tricked her friend into believing that she needed to use her bank account in order to deposit money that she wanted to hide from the enforcement agency. The friend withdrew 350,000 kronor ($48,200) from the deposited funds, unaware that the money was actually borrowed under her name.

The accused also changed her friend’s address so that she would not receive mail from lenders. She then defrauded her friend of another 100,000 kronor ($14,000), including payments made using her credit card.

The woman, who has been on sick leave and has a poor credit history, said she urgently needed money for her business overseas and that she intended to repay the funds at some point, Norrköping’s Folkbladet reported.


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