Successful Dating Program in Denmark and Sweden copied to the Philippines

After its successful airing in Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, United Kingdom, aIndonesia, nd Thailand, the leading reality-dating show “Take Me Out” now arrives in Philippines.

“Take Me Out”, owned by Fremantle Media, is the country’s first-ever studio-base dating show that is bound to make waves nationwide as its sets an arena where single girls, who are in search for their match, can find love.

It will be hosted by the Platinum Prince of Soul Jay-R who will play as the matchmaker to a pool of 30 single ladies who are in hopes to meet the man of their dreams.

The single ladies come from different places with different backgrounds. Each is assigned to a specially designed lighted podium with their respective names on it.

The mystery guy must impress the women through first impressions, surprise interviews, and videos about himself.

If the ladies love what they saw, they can leave their lights on; but if they are disappointed with the mystery guy, they can turn the lights off.

At the end of the three rounds, the table will turn as the bachelor decides who he wants to go on a date with from the women who leaves their lights on.

“Take Me Out” promises to have lots of twists, laughs, and surprises as 30 single ladies make their way for love.

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