Maersk Line Replaces Danes with Asian Labor

So far, 149 officials have quit their jobs voluntarily and received the half a million tax free kroner that the company has promised them for their resignation. The deal is supposed to save the company a lot of money and even though they have not quite reached that goal, HR Manager of Marine at A.P. Møller-Mærsk, Henrik Sloth, is very happy with the result.

“We have not quite reached the number we were hoping for, but we have pretty much reached the goal of cutting cost and we are satisfied with that,” he says.

“We are saving an annual double digit figure on salaries and other costs. That is a lot of money.”

The replacement of Danish employees with cheaper Asian ones is part of a plan to keep the sinking boat that is Mærsk afloat and it appears to be working.

Fritz Ganzhorn, Director of Shipping Leaders, says that a Danish Ship Official gets paid three times more than one from India. He is not worried about the employees who have accepted the Mærsk offer and resigned from their positions. They are very competent and qualified workers, who will not have any problem finding new jobs, he says.

The replacement of officers is happening right now and the company expects the process to be over by the end of summer. There are currently no plans to extend the project to other business areas.


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