Danish Wind Energy Road Show Hits The Chinese Schools

15 primary and secondary schools in Jilin, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, and Beijing were visited 12-25 May by a Sino-Danish Wind Energy Development (WED) programme. The purpose of the Danish Wind Energy Road Show is to introduce and discuss wind energy in Chinese schools.

A two hours’ lecture series were given in all schools for pupils aged 12-14, When asked why they had volunteered to participate the lecture, one of the pupils said: ”It is quite windy here, I’m thinking that if I can turn the wind into electricity, I will be able to save my family a great deal on the electricity bill!”

The lecture series is partially based on the website for kids “Wind tour with Miller” developed by the Danish Wind Industry Association. To visit the website and participate in a competition, click here http://www.windpower.org/en/knowledge/wind_with_miller.html

Only about 10% of the students participatinghas actually seen a wind turbine. But there is certainly no lack of interest or practical questions, such as:

“If the wind turbines are placed in the sea, will it effect the life around it?”

“Why don’t we see wind turbines have more than 3 blades?”;

“How much is the cost of wind energy? Is it cheaper or more expensive than usual energy?”…

The Wind Energy Development Programme (WED) represents a bilateral technical assistance project in the area of renewable energy between the governments of China and Denmark.

This programme started in 2005 and ends in 2010. The programme aims at supporting the Chinese government in creating a better environment for the growth of Wind Energy from different aspects includes how to overcome policy, management and technical barriers.

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