New Owners of STYLE:NORDIC

Located in one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Singapore and covering an area of 200 square meters, STYLE:NORDIC is packed with all kinds of exclusive Scandinavian design. There are rows of fashion, furniture, tableware, carpets, shoes, and many other things that one simply can’t live without. Filippa K, Tiger of Sweden, Nudie jeans, Iittalia, Junk Deluxe, and Design House Stockholm are just some of the brands that are available at the showroom. It is a haven for any shopaholic with exclusive taste.

Swedish Jonas Ericsson set up the shop with a desire to promote the world famous Scandinavian design in Asia but also to provide the clothes and other items to the Nordic expat community. STYLE:NORDIC became an instant success, and Jonas Ericsson has enjoyed watching his business prosper and grow over the years.

Last year in December, however, he decided to turn the responsibility and the business over to someone else as he wanted to move on to new adventures. When it became clear to them that STYLE:NORDIC was up for sale, Conny and Victoria Karlsson did not hesitate. They immediately stepped up and bought the company. 
“We felt that this was a one of those once in a lifetime experiences,” the new General Manager of STYLE:NORDIC Victoria Karlsson explains as she tells the story of how the couple came to taking over the company.
 It felt right at the time and she believes that it was just meant to be that way. The opportunity presented itself and it was just too good to pass up.
“Jonas is a great entrepreneur. He is very good at setting things up and making them successful, which is what he did with STYLE:NORDIC,” says Victoria Karlsson. “He worked day and night on this project,” she explains and adds that in the end he started missing Sweden, to which he recently returned with a lot of new plans and ideas. Jonas Ericsson is still a big part of the business. He owns a couple of shares, and has been a great help to the Karlsson’s in taking over the company.

Despite the take over and the new management, fans and regulars at STYLE:NORDIC have no reason to worry. Victoria Karlsson promises that the company will not lose its edge. She is just as Swedish as Jonas himself, and she is determined to continue business as usual.
“STYLE:NORDIC will always be STYLE:NORDIC,” says Victoria Karlsson and adds that it is very important to her to keep the concept and the uniqueness, which are the core values of the company, intact. The new owners are, however, adding a few things to the business. In May, STYLE:NORDIC is expanding and opening a new outlet at Orchard Road, which will mostly be selling clothes and other fashion items.

STYLE:NORDIC is also expanding business to work with corporate clients who are, for example, looking for new solutions or redesigning their offices. For those who are not yet familiar with STYLE:NORDIC and it’s products, the showroom in Ann Siang Road and the soon to be open shop on Orchard are well worth a visit, and Victoria Karlsson encourages everyone to stop by and check out the exclusive Scandinavian designs.

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