… And Then the Pattaya Police Arrested the Norwegian Victim Too

A Security man foiled a robbery when he witnessed a gang of fake police in the process of robbing a Norwegian National, Thomas Einar Nes, at his rented home in Pattaya.

At 1.30 am, Police Captain Jamrat Thongjinda received a call from a security guard at Baan Suan Lalana Village in Soi Chaiyaphruk 1, Moo 12, Nongprue, Banglamung that 4 Thai men posing as police were in the process of robbing a foreign man in his rented house. Subsequently the officer and his team went to the scene to investigate, writes PDN.

The security guard led the officers to the stated house to find 2 Thai men, one foreign man, one woman, and one Katoei in the house where the Thai men shouting that they were policemen, tried to flee from the scene but were caught by the officers.

The offenders were Mr. Bancha Wansanor [39] from Nongprue (posing as a captain) and Mr. Mued Chamnan [33] (acting as a Senior Police Sergeant) from Chaiyaphoom.

A body search revealed a number of bags of Ya-Ice weighing 0.85 grams each on Mr. Chamnan and 20 pills of Ya-Ba with 2,000 baht fake bank notes (used for sting operations) with Mr. Wansanor. All items have been with held as evidence. The other 2 offenders had managed to escape arrest, writes PDN.

When Police later searched the house, an amount of drugs was found hidden by Mr. Thomas Einar Nes , 37, a Norwegian National who was renting the property. The drugs included 6 pills of Ya-Ba and 2 bags of dry marihuana (29 grams). He was subsequently with held along with his Thai girlfriend Miss Kungnang Malaphloy [32] and her Katoei friend Mr. Keetaphat Loasumrong [29] the drug users.

Miss Kungnang Malaphloy stated that before the incident occurred, her Katoei friend, Mr. Loasumrong explained to her that he was arrested for use and possession of Ya-Ice by a gang posing as police, Mr. Wansanor and the 3 gang members. The gang asked him for 20,000 baht in exchange for his release, but he had no money to pay them. It was then that she had the idea to lead the impostors to raid her boyfriends’ house knowing he had a stash of drugs hidden and there would be money to pay the gang.

Subsequently the gang planned to raid Mr. Thomas Einar Nes’s house whilst Miss Malaphloy and Mr. Loasumrong conducted a tour of the house. The gang raided the house finding Ya-Ice, Ya-Ba, and Marihuana in the room and asked Mr. Einar for 100,000 baht in exchanging for releasing him. Luckily at that point the security guard had observed the incident and informed the police.

During questioning, the 2 Thai men did not admit to the allegations, but later the officer found that Mr. Wansanor planned to make his escape to Khonkaen province. The 2 offenders were charged together for coercing the others and possession of drugs, whilst a search for the other two gang members will be conducted in order to bring them in for further procedure.

In addition, Mr. Thomas Einar Nes was charged with possession and sent for judicial procedure. Miss Malaphloy and her Katoei friend, Mr. Loasumrong were detained as witnesses.

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