Lost Jungle Woman Found in Toilet

18 years ago, the Cambodian woman Rochom P’ngieng disappeared into the jungle with her sister. She was only eight at the time, and no one had any idea what had happened to them until Rochom P’ngieng returned to years ago – alone. Clearly changed by her stay in the jungle, the now 29 year old woman is no longer able to speak. She refuses to wear clothes and will rather crawl on four legs that walk upright.

The woman tried to escape back into the jungle on several occasions, and the Danish news paper, Jyllands-Posten, reports that about 12 days ago she managed to do so successfully. At least, that’s what the villagers thought she did but now they have already found her again.

Apparently, one of the neighbours heard her voice from the bottom of a 10 meter deep toilet well and the villagers were able to pull her out.

The report gives no account of how the woman ended up in the well in the first place nor of how she managed to survive there for 11 days.

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