SMU Students on Study Trip to Norway

Business students from SMU travelled to Norway to visit Norwegian companies and experience Constitution Day celebrations in Oslo.

Before travelling to Norway, the SMU students were gathered at the residence of the Norwegian Ambassador, Janne Julsrud, for a reception and a chance to meet members of the Norwegian business community.  They were treated to home-made Norwegian waffles with goat’s cheese and jam and sampled other traditional Norwegian dishes such as meatballs and gravlax.   

The 26 SMU students then flew into the Oslo on the morning of the 17th May arriving the morning of the big celebrations in the Norwegian capital.  The students enjoyed the parade of school children waving Norwegian flags and Norwegians dressed in bunad, the national dress.

The study group visited several Norwegian companies.The aim of the study trip was to get a better understanding of Norwegian business culture and different management strategies.

The study group travelled onwards to visit companies in Denmark and Sweden before returning to Singapore.

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