Norwegian Fraudster on the Run Caught in Thailand

Lars Rune Solberg, a 40 year old Norwegian Fraudster on the run from a sentence in Norway was caught in Thailand during the weekend. Now the Norwegian authorities make them self busy buy demanding their citizen extradited back home to Norway.

The Norwegian 40-year-old had been enjoying his freedom, since he showed the world how skilful he was, by escaping from a prison in Oslo, after a human error from the prison staff.

Since then he has been a regular on Interpol’s list over wanted people.

Sunday, he was arrested in Bangkok in a trap the Oslo police had set out with a little help from Interpol, writes

Maybe the Norwegian fraudster has to be patience, if he is longing for his fatherland. It can take a while before he will be released from the cosy Thai prison. Normally extradition cases can be rather boring and takes loads of time before developing into a handy airplane ticket and traditional Norwegian fish cake and smelly cheese.

The fact is confirmed in

“Such a process may take a long time”, Norwegian police Chief Thor Erling Mikkelsen says from his office in Oslo.

The 40-year-old Norwegian fraudster has a history of fraud, false accounting and tender cheating behind him.

And there are lots of indications pointing in the direction of a situation where the Thai Police it self would like to have a conversation or five with, before the extradition to Norway.

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