Vietnamese Woman Trainee in Danish Brothel

A Vietnamese single mother was in April given permission by a Danish unemployment office to do a four weeks training course at a brothel in Copenhagen. The woman took part in activities there while receiving financial support from the government, reports the Danish news paper Politiken.

Even though the woman had found the job herself, her union (Fødevareforbundet NNF) was very much opposed to the fact that she would be allowed to work at the brothel while receiving financial support from the government.

However, the clinic is a registered and legal business, and therefore the unemployment office in Slagelse near Copenhagen saw no problem in allowing the Vietnamese woman to become a trainee there.

”We checked the company in the Central Business Register (CVR). It is a completely legally established business and we contacted the company by phone to confirm that the citizen would be trained in body massage and zone therapy with the intention of exploring new employment opportunities,” the leader of the unemployment office Hans E. Rasmussen says.

The Minister of Employment, however, is not happy with the case.

“I am not comfortable with this. The job centre needs to be aware of where they send people. It doesn’t sound good in my ears. Where people are sent needs to be under control,” Inger Støjberg (V) says to Politiken and adds that putting people to work is a good tool that can help unemployed people get back in the field, but that it needs to be used right.

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