Denmark’s Minister for the Environment Pays a Visit to China

Denmark’s Minister for the Environment, Ms. Karen Ellemann, will pay a 5-day visit to China this week. The Minister meets with Chinese Minister for Water Resources to finalize Cooperation Agreement.

A Sino-Danish agreement on protection of water resources will be signed during this week’s visit to China by Danish Minister for the Environment, Ms. Karen Ellemann. The Minister will meet with Chinese Minister for Water Resources, Mr. Chen Lei in Beijing on Tuesday 22 June, to sign a Memorandum of Understanding and to discuss the implementation of the new agreement.

The Minister will be in China from Monday 21 June to Friday 25 June and pay visits to Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing and Shanghai.

In Wuqing, Tianjin, Ms. Karen Ellemann will participate in the opening of a new joint factory for the 5 Danish suppliers to wind turbine manufacturers in China.

“Denmark has for decades been a world leader in wind energy and we hope China can benefit from Denmark’s 30 years wind experience by sharing Danish wind solutions and also cooperating in research and development”, says the Danish Minister.

During her visit, the Minister will also attend a seminar on the Wind Energy Development Programme (WED) in China. The programme is funded by Denmark and targets capacity development to effectively exploit wind energy resources in China.

In Tianjin, Ms. Karen Ellemann will participate in the opening of “TEDA Club for Sustainable Business”, a new initiative driven by Danish companies Novo Nordisk, Novozymes and Vestas. The purpose of the TEDA Club is to make it easier for companies to be sustainable and to attract new investments within sustainable business in China. Based on experiences from sustainable business in Denmark, TEDA will work to create symbioses among companies in China, where one company’s waste turns out to be another company’s resources. The opening takes place on Monday 21 June.

In Shanghai, the Danish Minister will attend the opening of “Nordic Energy and Climate Day” at the World EXPO and will also pay visit to the Danish Pavilion on Friday 25 June. The Danish Pavilion distinguishes itself by being completely self-sufficient with energy and is thereby a good example of the Danish efforts to create green and sustainable environments in the cities.

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