Sammy’s Happy Dog’s Life in Denmark

A couple of months ago, little Sammy was looking for a travel partner. He was going to Denmark, but unfortunately he did not find one. That did not stop him, though, and before long, this furry, black and white passenger was on his way. Stray dog Sammy had been adopted by a Danish family and was finally going home.

When Sammy arrived in Denmark, it was a very excited family that picked him up at the airport. They had been waiting for him for three months and could hardly believe that he was finally there.

“He looked so cute as he was sitting in the transport box, wearing a green t-shirt, so he wouldn’t feel cold during the flight. He was very happy, but also very tired. The vets examined him and assured us that he was in a very fine condition, which convinced us that we had done the right thing by bringing him to Denmark,” Jimmi Koldenburg, Sammy’s new “dad” says.

The family of four (parents and their two daughters) first met Sammy during a two months vacation in Thailand. They had decided to stay in Chiang Mai for three weeks and wanted to donate some money that would benefit someone in the local community. Through previous travels in Thailand, dog welfare had come to the family’s attention and they paid a visit to the Care for Dogs Organization. The foundation is running a rescue shelter for approximately 150 dogs and is organizing sterilizations, medical care for sick and injured dogs, adoption programs, and education projects.

“It was very touching to see their commitment, and after a thoughtful visit, we decided that we wanted to help in some way. How could we help?  It did not take long to decide what to do. We wanted to bring a dog home with us to Denmark! In that way we could give a dog a good home, with all the love and care it deserves.”

“Who should we pick? It wasn’t easy until we were introduced to a small white loving dog. He had this brown spot on his eye, and we fell in love with him the moment we saw him. We took him for a walk, and that was it. He was the dog that we would bring to Denmark. No doubt about it!”

The family was told that Sammy had been living in a park and that the management was planning to get rid of him and all the other street dogs by poisoning them. Sammy survived and went to the shelter, where he was lucky enough to find a new home.

Sammy has now been in Denmark for a little over a month, and he already feels at home, the family says.

“He is such a loving dog, and he loves to cuddle all the time. When we go to bed, he likes to jump into the bed to say good night to us. He is very good towards our children, and he loves his daily walks, and has gotten some new dog friends, which he is playing with in our garden.”

The Koldenburg family loves its new family member very much. They are happy that they brought Sammy home with them and have not once regretted their decision. In fact, they are sure that someday, they will adopt another dog from Thailand. 

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