Terror Suspect Planned to Bomb Danish Embassy in Jakarta

The terror suspects arrested during a raid in Klaten, Central Java not only planned to bomb the Police Anniversary Day celebration, or Hari Bhayangkara, but also to bomb the Danish Embassy.

The head of antiterror squad Densus 88 Insp. Gen. Tito Karnavian said the police got the information from the country’s most wanted fugitive and terror suspect Abdullah Sonata and his accomplice Sogir.

“We are sure that they chose the police as the target as revenge for a terror raid in Aceh and they wanted to bomb the Danish Embassy because of the Prophet Mohammad’s caricature fiasco,” Tito told the Jakarta Globe at Mobile Brigade (Brimob) headquarters in Yogyakarta on Thursday.

Sonata and Sogir also confessed that they ordered Yuli Karseno, the terror suspect who was shot dead in Klaten on Wednesday, to shoot 2 policemen in Purworejo and 1 policeman in Kebuman, Central Java.

“The reason for the shooting was because the suspects felt police were encroaching upon their military exercise in Aceh,” Tito said,

Sogir acted as the planner for the attempted embassy bombing. Police found various bomb-making instruments such as adapters, a welder and electronics components to make the bomb switch.

Snr. Comr. Wahyu Widodo, the head of the antibomb squad, also known as Gegana, said that Sogiri had learned about bomb making from slain terror mastermind Azahari Husin.

“It is confirmed that Sogiri made the bomb switch because he is one of Azahari’s student. There is a striking similarity between his home-made device and ones used in previous bombings,” Wahyu said.

Sonata and Sogiri will be flown to Jakarta later on Thursday.


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