Scandinavian Woodworking Machinery becomes Scanmach Asia

Scandinavian Woodworking Machinery Co., Ltd. – an importer of woodworking machinery and tools from Europe to Thailand – has recently changed its name to Scanmach Asia Co., Ltd., effective January 1, 2004 as a result of the company’s merger with its Danish supplier Junget A/S early last year.
     The business cooperation between Scandinavian Woodworking Machinery and Junget is a step to ensure continuous growth amid the continuous expansion within the Asian woodworking industry.
     The Thai company states in its press release late December 2003 that the new formation will result in a stronger capital base, more resources and additional know-how.
     Junget is one of the leading international suppliers of woodworking machinery and tools with more than 50 years of experience within the industry. Its products include solutions for the production of windows, doors, panels and solid wood as well as for carpentry and joinery.
     The main business areas of Scanmach Asia Co., Ltd. will be new and second-hand woodworking machinery, service, know-how, technical support and cutting tools. With a wide product program, Scanmach Asia will be able to combine brands and models to fit the specific demands of its customers.
     For more information about the Scanmach Asia, please visit the company’s website: .

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