Swedish Midsummer in Pattaya

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Friday the 25th of June was the annual Midsummer celebration at The Pool, a Swedish owned poolbar and restaurant in Central Pattaya.

Three o’clock the hosts Ulrika and Lelle welcomed the first guests, but because it was a normal day in Thailand most did not show up before five.

There was served a plate of herring with mustard , onion, sour cream, chives, boiled potatoes, and crispbread with cheese. And a barbecue plate with pork chop, chicken leg, sausage, parsley butter, potato salad, and green salad.

For the drinking songs the Swedes drank Line Aquavit schnapps and after dinner there was served filtered coffee with Swedish punch.

Until seven o’clock four Thai musicians entertained the guest. Happy to honour of the day had learned the “little frogs song” which they sang with delight. When the musicians took a break one of the locals took the microphone and sang Cornelis Vreeswijk music to everyone’s joy. At end of the evening the Swedish music blasted out of speakers and all the Swedes felt almost like home.

At seven a clock it was cool enough to dance around the pole and both Swedes and other guests danced the small frogs dance with great joy.

Then eight men were picked to go to the arm wrestling table. And forces were measured at all levels. The former European champion went undefeated, but it was difficult to know for sure. And at eleven the last guests left into the night in Pattaya.

See more photos here.

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