Police Chief: I Still Believe Jørgen K. Hansen Paid for Sex With 13 Year Old

The provincial prosecutor believed that it wasn’t the Danish businessman Jørgen Kenneth Hansen but a 12 year old boy who injured the vagina of a 13 year old girl in Poi Pet in November last year, according to Cambodia Daily. At the same time the provincial anti- human tracking police chief Sith Luos is still convinced that the Dane offered money to the girl’s mother in exchange for sex.

The printed edition of Cambodia Daily also talked with the head of the Danish Representation Office in Phnom Penh, namely Tom Barthel Hansen, who is well-known for his “no hanky panky – no bending rules” policy. That’s maybe the reason that the Danish official according to the newspaper had had absolutely nothing to do with the release of Jørgen Kenneth Hansen. “We were surprised to hear the news”, said Tom Barthel Hansen.

According to the provincial prosecutor, The Danish businessman Jørgen Kenneth Hansen, 61, and his girlfriend Sam Veasna were released early in the week because the Provincial Health Department officials who back in November 2009 examined the girl, sold to the Dane Sam Veasna, only found minor injuries to the victims vagina, explains the provincial prosecutor So Vath to Cambodia Daily in its printed Friday edition.

“She was only frightened when she was asked by the police if she was raped, so she confessed to having sex with the man (Jørgen Kenneth Hansen) 50 times” said So Vath to Cambodia Daily. The provincial prosecutor also told the Cambodian Newspaper, that the 13 year old girl had slept with a 12 year old boy,” said provincial prosecutor So Vath.

Provincial anti- human tracking police chief Sith Luos sees the case from another point of view. He still believes that Jørgen Kenneth Hansen had offered money to the child’s mother Ms Veasna in exchange for sex. “The victim’s mother offered her daughter to the foreigner (Jørgen Kenneth Hansen) for sex because she was poor”, the police chief said to Cambodia Daily.

Michael Juul Eriksen, the Danes legal adviser in Denmark, said by phone to the newspaper, that his client had last contacted him Tuesday from Bangkok. “I don’t know where he will go next and I guess he could be going back to Cambodia” Mr. Eriksen said.

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