Danish Telecommunications Company Receives Dkk 100 Million From Indian Investor

The small Danish mobile telecommunications company Vopium has brought home DKK 100 million from an Indian investor, who in turn gets the control of the company. Vopium, an innovative mobile operator focusing on international calls, receives the money in a time where the company is experiencing tremendous growth in the interest from all over the world.
The Investment is welcomed by the Chairman of the Board, Christian Eyde Møller and Director Tanveer Sharif.
“We are very happy. The DKK 100 million enables us to conduct a global expansion and we expect to reach 10 million users worldwide,” Christian Eyde Møller says.
The company has become very popular along with emergence of the so-called app-stores, stores with small programmes for mobile phones. These shops have resulted in a huge boost for Vopium, which now uses them as its primary sales channel.
In early 2008, A venture company invested DKK 32 million in the company, but has since then been bought out by the added capital. The DKK 100 million comes from the Indian millionaire Raghuvinder Kataria, who thus gains control of the company

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