Storm Knocks Down Ancient Embassy Tree

Streets were flooded, traffic stood still, and unlucky car owners had trouble getting to their parked cars without getting their feet wet in the knee deep water.

At the Danish embassy in Bangkok, and ancient tree felt the effect of the storm as it was unable to withstand its force.

The unfortunate tree had a long life on the grassy lawn by the entrance Embassy, but the heavy storm put an end to it.

Where it used to stand tall, the old tree is now sprawled across the grass. The extensive root net that had formed under the pavement is now above the ground and it has pulled the asphalt up with it. Across the lawn, parts of the trunk are covered by the grass as the tree has smashed into the ground and made massive dents.

At the embassy, staff is sad to see the tree gone. It provided shade to the building and to many offices – including the Ambassador Michael Sternberg’s.

“It’s too bad about the tree. It was nice with the shade, but I don’t really mind the sunlight either,” he says and smiles while looking down at the fallen tree.

It is an end of an era for this tree. Luckily, it fell away from the Embassy building, which despite the storm, is still standing.

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