Swede Arrested in Rayong for Drug Producing

The Swedish national Kim Roger Eriksson has been arrested in Rayong suspected of the crime of producing the illegal drug “Ya Ice,” reports news.sanook.com. Local police says he has now been to transferred to Bangkok.


Thai Police found a laboratory in his house, which they believe was used to produce “Ya Ice.” Thai TV Channel 3 has been running footage of the arrest and the laboratory as well.


Local Police in Rayong says to ScandAsia it was the narcotics department of Thai Police from Bangkok who arrested Kim Roger Eriksson and that they now have brought him to Bangkok, where he is being detained.


The Swedish embassy in Bangkok confirms that a Swedish national has been arrested, but for know they don’t have any further information:
“We got a call from the Thai police that a Swede was arrested, but we are still waiting for the police report.”

Also a criminal suspect in Sweden
According to news.sanook.com Swedish Police has searched for Kim Roger Eriksson suspected for being steroid internet dealer in Sweden. His alleged primary market was North America and Europe and according to Thai Police his income was over 100,000 US dollar per month.


Producing and exporting
In Thailand he is suspected of producing and exporting the illegal drug “Ya Ice.” According news.sanook.com he works together with Hells-Angels.
His wife claims that her husband is property agent. And she believe that the alleged “Ya Ice” drug is just washing gel.

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