Development of Danish Jewelry Production in Vietnam

At the first view from outside, it looks like a modern residential house but it turns out to be a clean and tidy workshop of jewelry production. T&J high quality wedding ring design was one of the on-going Business-to-Business (B2B) companies located in Næstved, Denmark, that was visited by the B2B team in June.

Jonna Frisch, T&J technical expert, showed us around in the workshop and excitedly shared her experiences in waste collection for minimising the gold lost during production. The waste collectors were installed everywhere, including at the end of exhaust suctions, washing basins and dust bins. All the waste will then be classified for recycling.

The most harmful area is the casting room where investment powder is used. It contains a large percentage of crystalline silica – a substance causing health hazard that should always be handled under extraction/suction devices and with suitable dust masks and strictly disposal conditions. 

“We are responsible for reaching high working environmental standard in order to not only obtain license but also to protect our staff and neighbours”, Jonna said. These technical and environmental management experiences will be brought into the Joint Venture’s production with Quoc An Jewellery in HCMC during the pilot phase with support of DKK 1,000,000 from the B2B programme.

The pilot phase was granted in March 2010 to conduct a Feasibility Study and testing of high quality wedding rings production and repairing of (Danish) rings.

Besides investing in environmental measures, the partners will carry out some initial CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) activities on HIV/AIDS awareness and OHS (occupational health safety) training to local employees. By end of the pilot phase in November this year, 10 new goldsmiths will be trained in Denmark and Vietnam and be ready to handle the existing orders from T&J and new customers.

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