First Chinese Ship to Norwegian Car Carrier

A modern car carrier – the first in a series of four – was delivered from Xiamen Shipyard to Norwegian ship-owner Höegh Autoliners on the 16th of July. Being the first car carrier built for Höegh in China, she was aptly named “Höegh Beijing”. The three sister vessels are due for delivery October 2010 and June and October 2011.

The 183 meter long and 31.5 meter wide Höegh Beijing has eleven decks, three of which may be elevated to a maximum of 5.3 meters height. The ship may load 4,900 cars – on a combined space of more than 41,000 m2. That corresponds to a very big parking lot – all within one ship!
“From the very start of the project – we have worked closely together with Xiamen Shipyard to develop the design and to implement solutions that are important for Höegh Autoliners and our customers” says Jan Rune Morken – Head of Newbuilding Department.

“The yard has shown great dedication to their work and excellent cooperation throughout the building period. We are truly proud of the result and look forward to present “Höegh Beijing” and her services to the market” adds Morken.

The ship was named 29 June in the presence of Norwegian Ambassador Sæther and representatives of the Xiamen government, Höegh and Xiamen shipyard.
Höegh Autoliners, one of two major Norwegian Ro/Ro shipping lines present in China, call 10 times a month in Chinese ports like Tianjinxingang, Shanghai, Dalian and Qingdao and offer efficient car shipments to Europe, the Americas and Africa. Operating around 50 car carriers, Höegh Autoliners’ main customers are major manufacturers of new cars, heavy machinery, rolling stock and second hand vehicles.

“The shipment of cars and other rolling cargo to and from China is a very promising area of economic co-operation between Norway and China. The trade is today dominated by import, but it will soon become an important factor in helping the Chinese car industry entering the global markets” says Guangzhou Consul General Tormod C. Endresen.

“The first Ro/Ro delivery from a Chinese yard to Norwegian Höegh Autoliners is yet another sign of the potential for the maritime co-operation between our countries” adds the Consul General.

Höegh Autoliners’ first vessel delivery from China was the Ville de Bordeaux in 2004 (JingLing Shipyard – Nanjing) which was specifically built to transport Airbus A380 sections and components. In addition, the company operates a green recycling policy and in the past two years, has recycled nine vessels in China, using safe and environmentally friendly recycling practices.

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