Icelander Brewing Coffee in Singapore

Meet Icelandic descendant Mr Lynden Vikingur, affectionately known to staff and friends as ‘the Viking’ – and that is because he actually is one. He is founder and manager of Viking Coffee Singapore.

Of Icelandic-Australian descent and an oil and gas analyst by profession, Lynden worked himself through University as a Master Barista, mastering the subtle art in some of Western Australia’s best espresso serving destinations, including one of Dome’s earliest outlets in Perth.

In 2008 Lynden moved to Singapore to pursue an Oil & Gas consulting career in the Mergers & Acquisitions sector. As the global financial crisis took hold, the oil price plummeted and Singaporean espresso coffee stayed lousy. With deal feed slowed to a trickle and coffee shop habitation at an all time high, frustration ensued for the Viking.

Like all good expats effectively assimilated into Singaporean society, the Viking began to complain. “Well why don’t you shut up and do something about it”, came the response from a tired Singaporean friend and eventual co-founder.

Vikings’ most fearsome characteristic is that once challenged, they never turn down a fight.  And so began the Viking Coffee saga…

Rallying the troops and all aficionados enraged by lousy coffee, the team began to realise the dream of creating great quality, low acidity, full-bodied gourmet coffee, served in the Viking way… fast! (Vikings hate waiting).

To create the speed, the Viking brought in nothing less than the Cimbali, the Ferrari of espresso machines. And that is a massive three group head monster (similar to a longboat), costing a fortune but capable of delivering consistent precision, a perfect coffee each and every time.

Next came the choice of milk. The Viking demanded the best for his customers, eventually settling on the delicious and crisp dairy products from Meiji milk, creating a prefect blend of coffee and milk so smooth, that sugar would never have to be added. Vikings hate sugar, as they believe they are sweet enough.

The beans were another issue. How to achieve a full strength coffee to kick start the day without raising acidity or sacrificing aroma and body. The answer came via top secret roasting and blending techniques, perhaps acquired by the Viking in pillaging raids off the West Australian coast. However Lynden did it, Viking coffee now serves a unique and delicious 100% Arabica custom blend, freshly roasted for Viking Coffee outlets.

Lynden’s style of coffee can best be explained by his background. Quick, honest and to the point as expected from Australia, with a determined focus on quality and consistency as found throughout Scandinavia. “No Bells & Whistles” as he describes it, just superb coffee, served at good prices, for everyone.

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