108 Year Old Wants a Baby

The Malaysian woman Wook Kundor and her 23rd husband Mohd Noor Che Musa from Kuala Terengganu in Northern Malaysia, were reunited on Thursday, and are now looking towards a blissful married life by adding a third member to their family – a child.

In a telephone interview with The Star yesterday, Mohd Noor said he was eager to fulfil his 108-year-old wife’s wish to have the “patter of little feet” running around their kampung house.

“We tried (to have a baby) earlier but my wife’s age factor was an obstacle.

“So, we decided to adopt a baby, preferably a boy,” said the 38-year-old who was just released from the Besut drug rehabilitation centre after undergoing 18 months of treatment.

Mohd Noor said he felt that the presence of a child would turn their home in Kampung Bukit Tok Bat in Kuala Berang here even merrier.

“We talked about having a child and Nek Wook (Wook Kundor) agrees that we should adopt one as soon as possible,” he added.

Mohd Noor said that on their way back from Pasir Mas, Kelantan, yesterday, his wife pointed out to him a shop selling mittens and baby products.

“When I looked at her gesture, I realized that she badly wanted a baby,” he said, adding that they would prefer a toddler as he would be easier to take care of.

“I can’t expect my wife to be running around at her age when I have to work to fend for my family,” he said.

Mohd Noor, however, said they had no qualms about accepting a newborn.

“We are willing to accept babies who are born out of wedlock.

“Rather than abandon a newborn, give him to us and we promise to care of the child,” he said, adding that he was even willing to arrange for private meetings with parents intending to give up their babies for adoption.

Wook Kundor had refused to talk about her previous marriages and children in earlier interviews.

Asked about his months of separation from his wife, Mohd Noor said he missed Wook Kundor and regretted his past actions.

“She asked me to kick my drug habit but I was too obstinate then,” he said, adding that he had neglected Wook Kundor’s needs before his detention.

“I am now a changed man and cherish every moment with my wife,” he added.

The union between Wook Kundor and her much younger bridegroom five years ago grabbed worldwide media attention.

However, Mohd Noor was detained for drug abuse early last year, causing Wook Kundor to move to her relative’s home in Pasir Mas as her own house in Kuala Berang was unsafe.

After Mohd Noor was detained, Wook Kundor spoke of her loneliness without her husband.

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