Crayfish Season on Finnair’s Shanghai Flights

Press release: In honour of the Shanghai World Expo, Finnair will serve traditional crayfish on Helsinki-Shanghai flights. The crayfish service in Business Class starts on August 6 and continues until August 27, 2010.

Passengers in Business Class are offered four freshwater crayfish, caught in the Finnish lake district. Traditional drinks, including schnapps, are also

The wine recommended with crayfish this year, is a dry and tasty organic wine from Spain called Parés Baltà Electio. The flavour of this wine is dominated by
flowery aromas and very mature, light-coloured fruit, with a trace of toffee from maturing in oak barrels.

“Finnair’s crayfish weeks have been greatly appreciated by customers, and even traditional schnapps songs have been heard in the cabin. On flights to Shanghai
there are numerous passengers from outside Scandinavia, who will receive some short, written guidelines on how to consume this Nordic delicacy. The cabin
crew is also prepared to help beginners,” says Kristina Koskivirta, Finnair’s long-haul product designer.

In Business Class on flights from Helsinki Finnair emphasizes the Nordic cuisine, which offers a great opportunity to present the different seasons of
these countries and their fresh, tasty products. The freshwater crayfish is an essential part of the Nordic cuisine, and crayfish parties are traditional both
in the Swedish and the Finnish culture.


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