AVEVA Ink New Contract i Thailand

Swedish AVEVA Group announced that Thai-based The Bangkok Dock Company have concluded a contract for the use of AVEVA Marine solutions.

Established in 1865, The Bangkok Dock Company has a rich maritime history and today is among the country’s leading shipbuilding and ship repair enterprises. The company is considered an important asset for the Royal Thai Navy.

Peter Finch, President, AVEVA Asia Pacific, said:
“AVEVA has long been used by top yards around the world. With countries such as India, Vietnam and Thailand beginning their shipbuilding programs, AVEVA is confident that we can support these yards to become more efficient and hence more able to compete with the major players.”

Peter continued:
“We are confident that shipbuilding will remain a viable industry within these countries as it has always been interlinked with shipping, which is closely connected to a country’s international trade. Today we see India’s and Thailand’s exports on the rebound as the global economy improves and industrial production picks up. This is a positive trend for both the countries’ shipping industries, and their shipbuilding and repair activity. Regional naval projects are also playing an integral role in driving the shipbuilding industry.  This is especially true in India, which has a thriving naval shipbuilding programme, and where AVEVA solutions are currently used to design all ships in the Indian Navy.”


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