Dane Drugged at Pattaya Beer Bar

Pattaya Police received a report of a Danish Tourist, Thomas Hansen, who was in a semi-conscious state at a bar located in Soi 16 off Walking Street, in the early hours of Wednesday Morning.

A Thai Woman was suspected of lacing his drinks with sleeping tablets and she had been detained by bar staff. Police arrived and arrested Khun Parichat aged 39, who was in possession of two packets of purple sleeping tablets.

She revealed that 6 of the tablets had been placed inside a glass of beer belonging to the Danish victim, Thomas Hansen, 32, who was taken to Pattaya Police Station with the female suspect who was also in possession of a small glass bottle containing a clear liquid which is thought to contain the crushed sleeping tablets mixed with water.

Khun Parichat confessed to administering the drugs to Thomas Hansen via the glass of beer.

She claimed she did this out of anger as he would constantly ignore her when he frequented the bar and she did not intend to steal items from him. Police did not accept her story and suggested she would have taken the dazed tourist back to his room and stolen items from him, however Thomas Hansen became sleepy too quickly and could not be moved from the bar.

The case continues.



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