IKEA – Global but Local

IKEA in the world for the highly localized Marketing Policy. Headquarters in Sweden, under the guidelines, over the introduction of new and peculiar, “deviant” non-traditional marketing on a global scale to generate numerous alternative ideas is popping, which greatly stimulated people’s inspiration.

Although the implementation of very different ideas around, but IKEA is the creative product-centric, and have a unified tone. IKEA’s communication manager, said, “We hope for the public a better picture of life, we need to create a different life, rather than close to the people’s way of life. We are accustomed to by the company’s internal guidelines for reflection, this is like a umbrella, to ensure the global similarity of thinking. “

In China, IKEA chose Beijing’s 20 old apartment building, the elevators inside the building has been transformed. In the elevator, elevator operator IKEA prepared for the small cabinets, teapots, coffee mugs and stools, as well as product catalog for their dissemination. Covered with large posters throughout the elevator wall to show visually realistic way of IKEA’s showroom decoration, to the people that: do not spend too much, that you can create a IKEA

Very contemporary, comfortable and pleasant living space. This, IKEA’s global marketing communications manager, said: “We use non-traditional media, aims to improve attention, but not yet occupied the field of competition is a strategic means of decision-making.”

Media innovation in China is IKEA, but alternative innovative global drop in the ocean. IKEA This is rebellious and creative spirit of innovation throughout Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia 34 countries.

In Singapore, IKEA and Viacom’s Nickelodeon children’s channel Cooperation Started “by Nick to take over your room” promotions. Was re-decorated by IKEA, four children’s bedroom looks like TV Studio rooms. Here, the children own special program hosted by broadcast through cable networks.



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