Norwegian in Dubious Sex Bust

Local police arrested a Norwegian national on underage sex charges in Pattaya on Monday. A bust was instigated after an unidentified informant notified police of the offender’s activities with an underage girl at the Health Hotel off Pattaya’s Beach Road.

At approximately 00:30am on Monday, Lieutenant Colonel Chusak Khethong (Anti-Human Trafficking Division Police) was notified of an incident involving an underage girl and a foreign national at the Health Hotel in Soi Yamoto, South Pattaya.

Following the unidentified tip-off, police organised a raid on the suspect’s room, finding Mr. Oystein Larsen [60] from Norway and a Thai girl, Miss Fa (alias) in a compromising position.

Investigations found that Mr. Larsen had taken Miss Fa, found to be 16-year-old, back to his hotel having agreed to pay her for sexual services in South Pattaya. Miss Fa subsequently acknowledged that Mr. Larsen had propositioned her to have sex with him before taking her back to his hotel room.

Allegedly, police have since found that Mr. Larsen was a regular procurer of underage girls in Pattaya, despite having denied any knowledge of her being underage.

Please go to PDN´s version to read The PDN Editors note to this case.

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