Thai Tourism Goes Green

Year after year more and more Scandinavians and tourists in general travel to Thailand. On that basis the work to preserve the local culture and environment is now strengthened through the initiative Go GREET (Go Responsible Ecotourism and Enjoy Thailand).

The Go Greet is a booklet put together by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and the Thai Ecotourism and Adventure Travel Association (TEATA). It is designed to showcase the best of Thai cultural heritage as well as the preservation of traditional Thai life, supporting communities’ natural resources management, art, wisdom, architecture, agriculture, gastronomy, and wellness.

 “Eco tourism” is supposed to benefit the communities and the goal is to minimize the negative effects traditional tourism has on the environment.
“Thailand is very focused on tourism that will benefit the people in local areas. Around the Kingdom there are cities that allow visitors to discover the nature and the Thai traditions while affecting the environment as little as possible. Being a tourist outside the obvious areas is an experience that will last a lot longer,” says Mrs. Nalinee Pananon, newly appointed director of the Thai tourist agency in Stockholm.  

As an example the city of Mae Kampong in northern Thailand is mentioned. Many hundred years old the city has won several prices for its environmental friendly tourist programs. Mae Kampong is situated 1,300 meters above sea level and produces its own electricity off a waterfall nearby.

Power supply alongside the tourism industry, are the cities to biggest sources of income. Besides enjoying the beautiful sceneries, tourist can visit the organic gardens, buy various local products or relax with traditional Thai massages.

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