New Danish Travel Agency Flying to Thailand

”It might be a ‘dangerous’ time to start up a new travel agency, but on the other hand it is also the right thing to do because the suppliers are hungry,” says Kasper Mydtskov.

Live Travel is the newest Danish travel agency, and trips to Thailand and other Asian destinations will be included in their selection.

Mydtskov, with a former career at ‘Billetkontoret’ and ‘Profil Rejser’, will be joined by Mona Kenter, from ‘Profil Rejser’, Thomas Møller from ‘Billetkontoret’, and Thomas Nymann Nederland, earlier marketing manager at ‘Profil Rejser’.

The agency is formed in Valby, Copenhagen, and Thomas Mydtskov says to that the company will be quite small and focus on selling travels to families and young people.

”We want to be Valby’s local travel agency with focus on Asia, Thailand, North America, New Zealand, and Australia,” Mydtskov says.

Live Travel officially opens the coming monday, August 16.

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