Scandinavians to Attend Mini UN Summit in Phuket

AA special delegation will be sent from the Foreign Ministry in Bangkok, Thailand, to attend the summit which is also known as the ‘Mini UN Summit’.

The summit is important for Phuket, where representatives from different areas of Phuket’s industry and lifestyle will attend to try and understand the problems experienced by expat residents and tourists, says Also, it will be a chance to hear what the Governor of Phuket, Wichai Praisa-ngob, has to say.

Phuket hopes to be the winning bidder to hold the World Expo 2020, but corruption has to be obliterated first, if the hope shall live.

22 nations are invited to be a part of the summit, and they will play an important part in the role of future Phuket. Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland are invited to the summit that takes place on August 23.

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