Digital Challenges in Shanghai

The Swedish Pavilion at Expo 2010 in Shanghai, was this weekend the host of the first cultural exchange event “Digital Youth Award”. Young people from all over the world met in Shanghai to compete in “digital sports” and learn more about the world they live in.

After more than three months of competition against opponents form all over the world, and the weekend’s battle in the Swedish Pavilion, three teams had advanced to the finals – China, Sweden and Singapore.

Now it is time for the three teams to participate in the cultural exchange that is part of the program, visiting pavilions of others to learn about world cultures. In November this year, the contestants are going to Sweden to attend the “Dreamhack Winter Event”.

The Digital Youth Awards (DYA) program on Expo in Shanghai is a unique project that was created to promote and strengthen cultural exchange between young people through various forms of digital entertainment. The vision for the program is to be a long term project that will be run in cooperation with the Swedish Pavilion at the coming international exhibitions worldwide.

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