Finland Pavilion Welcomed its 3 Millionth Guest

On August 17th, Finland Pavilion welcomed its 3 millionth guest, Mr. Song Ge from Shanghai. Mr. Song is 44 years old and is working as an accoutant at Shanghai Railway International Travel Group. Today, he came to visit the Finland Pavilion with his 10-year-old daughter and 73-year-old father.

When three handsome guys from the Finnish parkour team invited Mr. Song to watch an excellent parkour performance, Mr. Song still did not know that he had become the lucky visitor today. Then, he received warmest congratulations from Ms. Annikka Alanko, Pavilion Director of Finland Pavilion, Mr. Peter Zeitlin, the Sales Director at Finnair Shanghai, and the most famous Finn in the World, Santa Claus from Lapland in Northern Finland.

The gift presented to Mr. Song is  1 free economy round trip ticket from Shanghai to Helsinki and a continuing trip to one other Finnair European destination. Helsinki has been selected as the World Design Capital in 2012.  Mr. Song was happily surprised about it.

Mr. Zeitlin congratulated Mr.Song. He said, “We are very honored to provide you the flight tickets. Finnair is the fast airline between Asia and Europe. It only takes 10 hours and 35 minutes to fly from Shanghai to Helsinki, where passengers can transfer flights to over 50 European destinations. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy your experience on Finnair and in Finland.”

After a short ceremony, he got a guided tour around the pavilion including a tour on the VIP floor and sauna.

This was the 3rd time Mr. Song visited Shanghai World Expo. Today he came with his daughter and father. Before coming to Finland pavilion Mr. Song knew about Helsinki, winter sports and sauna in Finland. After the VIP guided tour, Mr. Song said, that he now realized that Finland is very advanced in environmental protection and technology, and is also very close to the nature. He feels that Finland is very suitable to living. It is unlike other big cities where there are steel and cement forest everywhere. The idea of Better city, Better life is very well presented there and it should be the model for the future cities.     

The visitor flow to Finland pavilion Kirnu has exceeded expectations. The accumulated amount of visitors reached 2 millions on July 15th. After one month, it again broke through 3 million. Ms. Alanko said with a big grin on her face, “The population in Finland is 5.3 million. If the daily visitor flow continues with the same pace as it is now, the total visitor flow to Finland Pavilion during the Expo will surpass the population of Finland. The figure is far beyond the expectation during our preparation phase and we are very happy about that. We also hope that our visitors have enjoyed their visit here and will visit Finland some day.”

Finnair is one of the main sponsors of the Finland at World Expo Shanghai 2010. It was established in 1923 and is one of the first 6 airline companies in the world. Finnair operates one of Europe’s youngest and most eco-efficient narrow-body fleets.The Finnair long-haul fleet comprises Airbus A340, A330, and starting 2014, new technology Airbus A350XWB aircraft. As a member of oneworld, the World’s Leading Airline Alliance, Finnair ensure passengers’ travelling convenience anywhere in the world via Helsinki, where the Head Quarter of Finnair locates.

Succeeding the Beijing & Hongkong route, Finnair opened the Shanghai Route on Sept. 3rd, 2009. In this way, the Finnair sucessfully built up its air network between North, South, East China and Europe.

In cooperation with Finnair, Finland Pavilion also recently launched the fast line service for Finnair’s customers.  By presenting the Finnair Plus frequent-flyer membership card or a recent Finnair boarding card, the visitor is entitled to enter the Finland Pavilion without queuing.

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