Phuket: Norwegian Scammed For 200,000 Baht

Phuketwan today reports that Norwegian tourist Kjell Olav Forseth, 52, has been scammed of 200,000 bath (39,000 norske kroner).

He arrived on Phuket on August 5, and on August 9 he needed money, so naturally he went to an ATM to withdraw some.

But his card did not seem to be functioning properly.

A tall man, who appeared to be a Sikh, strolled up, reports Phuketwan, and offered to help Forseth.

Together, the two of them tried to get some money from the ATM, but in the end, the scammer told Forseth that the machine had his card confiscated, and that he would have to enter the bank to get it back.

When a technician arrived an hour later, Kjell Olav Forseth could only note that the card was not to be seen inside the machine. He could also note, says Phuketwan, that outside on the footpath, there was no sign of the so-called Good Samaritan, either.

Early after this, Forseth discovered that 200,000 baht was missing from his bank account.

“Tell other people to be careful,” was Kjell Olav Forseth’s words after the – one might say – rather embarrassing experience, reports Phuketwan.

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