Strike of Vietnamese Workers in Sweden Stops

Workers who joined a strike on August 11 in Sweden have resumed work. Vietnamese agencies are trying to bring six workers who were arrested by local police back home. 

According to foreign newspapers, around 70 Vietnamese workers in Dalarna, central Sweden, went on strike on August 11. Police arrested six people for attacking police officers. 

These workers were sent to Sweden to pick strawberries by a labor exporting company named TTLC. Under labor contracts signed with Swedish partners, they will be paid at least $2000/month if they pick a certain volume of strawberries. 

Due to snow melting late this year, strawberries have ripened slowly. Workers worried that they couldn’t pick the required volume of strawberries and they would not have enough money to send home. 

Nguyen Gia Liem from the Department for Overseas Labor Management said that the Vietnamese Embassy in Sweden worked with local police and reminded Vietnamese workers to obey the laws of the host country. 

TTLC general director Tran Luc said the company sent its representatives to Sweden to solve the problem. Workers have resumed working. 

Liem said that Vietnamese agencies are fulfilling the necessary requirements to bring six Vietnamese workers who are under arrest back home.

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