Meet Santa Claus at Finland Pavilion

Shanghai is broiling in a record heat this summer yet Santa Claus is unfazed and has traveled all the way from Lapland, Finland, to the World Expo to greet visitors at the Finland Pavilion.

He will meet visitors from 10am to 6pm every day until August 21. His popularity is manifested by a long queue of people waiting to take pictures with him at the pavilion.

Santa Claus comes from Korvatunturi, the mountain in Lapland in the Artic Circle, about 1,000 kilometers north of Helsinki, the Finnish capital. He lives there with his wife and hundreds of elves. From the top of Korvatunturi, they can hear Christmas wishes of children around the world and he would drive a sleigh pulled by reindeer with Rudolph in the lead to deliver gifts to children everywhere.

Santa Claus presented an airplane model and round-trip air tickets to Helsinki to the pavilion’s 3 millionth visitor on Tuesday. The lucky person is a Shanghai resident.


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