War Disabled Dane Let Down in Thailand by Insurance Company

Last week Danish ex military professional Benjamin Kragsskjold was run down by a scooter while he and his girlfriend were enjoying a holiday in Thailand. The traffic accident resulted in a crushed prosthetic leg and a lot of pain.

Benjamin Kragsskjold was severely wounded in Afghanistan two years ago costing him his one leg, but the prosthetic device has since then made it possible for the Danish soldier to walk again.

Thinking it was a matter of course, Benjamin contacted his insurance company, European Travel Insurance, from Thailand asking them to cover the charges for him and his girlfriend to get back to Denmark.
But as it turned out there were absolutely no help to be found for the suffering Dane, as European Travel Insurance completely denied any responsibilities.

“I’m still in absolute chock being denied any form of assistance from European Travel Insurance. It’s like a nightmare,” Benjamin Kragsskjold says.

Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet,covering the story, was outraged by this behaviour and decided to pay for all charges. That way Benjamin Kragsskjold and his girlfriend, Yasmin, could return to Denmark yesterday.  

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