Nilfisk Keeps Expo Site Clean

Nilfisk Advance Cleaning Equipment, which is located in the Xinzhuang Industrial Zone in Minhang, is supplying special “zero-emission” technologies to create environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions at the World Expo Shanghai.

The Shanghai company is an arm of Denmark’s Nilfisk Advance A/S. Its products have been deployed in the Expo Boulevard, the China Pavilion and in the European sector.

One of Nilfisk Shanghai’s principal targets is keeping Expo sites clean without adding any pollution.

It is using multifunctional vehicles that can perform a range of services, including sweeping, washing, drying and dust control. The vehicles are electronic and emit no harmful gases.

Vehicles come equipped with a button labeled “one key cleaning.”

When the button is pressed, the machine will electronically choose the proper water volume for a particular cleaning job, thereby saving up to 70 percent of water consumption compared with conventional cleaners.

Inside the vehicle there’s a high density filter. When fully opened, the 7-square-meter screen prevents dust particles from escaping while clean-up work is under way.

That reduces air pollution at the Expo site.

Besides the “zero-emission” cleaning vehicle, Nilfisk is also providing the Expo with various street-sweeping vehicles.

One model has an extra mechanical arm with a brush at the side of the vehicle in addition to two brushes at the front. When the vehicle is running, the third brush can clean adjacent sidewalks at the same time.

Most litter, including bottles and little rocks, are sucked up into the brush. At the tail of the vehicle, there’s also high-pressure water jet with long pipes so that the jet can get through crowds easily.

One vehicle can do a multitude of jobs.

To offer a better service for Expo, Nilfisk set up an emergency office to dispatch engineers quickly to handle any problem that might occur.

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