Danish Expo Goal: 6 Million Visitors

The hope throughout the exhibition period to get three million people to visit the Danish pavilion, with the dispatched little mermaid as audience magnet, is replaced by an expectation as high as six million visitors.

It is predominantly Chinese, who every day stand in long queues to get in to see HC Andersen’s small but world famous fairy tale character.

“We are close to four million visitors in four months. With a few more months before Expo 2010 ends and 30,000 daily visitors, six million visitors is now a realistic goal,” says deputy director of the Danish pavilion, Lotta Salling.

Thus, Denmark’s most popular attraction in Copenhagen, Tivoli, with 3.8 million annual visitors has been overtaken.

“We receive a press coverage here, we had never dreamed of. And we are proud to be on the top ten list of pavilions, the Chinese government recommends visiting among the 242 participating countries and cities,” Commissioner-General of the Danish pavilion, Christopher Bo Bramsen, says.

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