Thai-Finnish Wellness Centre Opens in Bangkok

The first Thai-Finnish Wellness Centre has been opened in Bangkok, Thailand.

– The newly opened centre is fully equipped with the latest Finnish wellness technology. Finnish companies involved in the first stage of the project have been HUR Oy, a company specialized in smart-card controlled training devices, Corusfit Oy, the developer of CorusCardio concept with ECG group monitoring and the heart rate monitor specialist Polar Electro, tells Meria Heikelä, Director, Finpro Life Sciences.

The opening of the Thai-Finnish Wellness Centre was the highlight of Thai-Finnish Conference on Wellness Services, which was well attended by influences from private and public health and wellness sectors.

– The cooperation between the Finnish and the Thai will continue. The wellness centre -concept will be extended for instance to hospitals and other institutes interested in high quality, health oriented fitness. First negotiations have been started already and in the future more Finnish technologies and innovations can be included in our services, Heikelä continues.

Finpro has already for a long time supported the internationalization of Finnish wellness and healthcare concepts in Asia. Finnish expertise has been exported for instance to Japan and Australia.

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