Chinese CEO Awarded Royal Honorary Medal

Recently, the CEO of the Danish company FOSS in China was awarded an honorary medal by His Royal Highness, Prince Henrik.

The Danish company FOSS has planted a solid foot in the Chinese market for food safety equipment. Foss’ analytical solutions secure quality in food production, and the turnover of FOSS has doubled over the last five years.

Much credit can be given to Mr. Cao Yong, CEO of FOSS in China. This is one of the reasons why, on Saturday 28th, he received His Royal Highness the Prince Consort’s honorary medal at a seminar at the World Expo hosted by the Danish-Chinese Business Forum.

His Royal Highness Prince Henrik visited EXPO and awarded Cao Young with the Prince Consort’s honorary medal.

Mr. Cao Yong has worked for FOSS since 1997, and in December 2005 he was promoted to CEO. He earns great respect amongst his colleagues and amongst the management of FOSS. Mr. Cao Yong has shown that he is able to combine Danish management principles with Chinese management style and culture, and that he is customer oriented at at all times.

Over the last five years Mr. Cao Yong has built a strong team of 45 competent employees. The growth of the business has, among other things, resulted in additional investments in China. The new investments have been used to create a development- & product manufacturing division, and it is believed that this will help to secure future growth. The new division will focus on developing solutions dedicated to the Chinese market.

“It is a great honor to receive His Royal Highness the Prince Consort´s honorary medal, and I am proud that the honor goes to FOSS China, where dedicated analytical solutions undoubtedly will strengthen the quality of the Chinese food production and enable new and safe production methods and quality products,” Cao Yong said prior to the award ceremony.


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