Danish Environment Commitee Visits China

From September 4th -10th, the Danish Parliament’s Environment and Regional Planning Committee will visit Beijing, Chongqing and Shanghai to meet with members of the Chinese  government and local experts on  environmental and climate issues.

The Committee arrives in Beijing on the 4th of September and has a fully packed schedule for their 6 day visit in China. In Beijing, they will visit the Gaobeidian Coal Power Plant to investigate a new technology for storing carbon dioxide from factory smokestacks. Also, the committee will meet with their counterparts from the Chinese government, NGOs and several Chinese authorities on environmental issues.

In Chongqing, the Committee members will look into waste handling and meet with Danish company COWI to talk about water issues in China. Finally, the Environment and Regional Planning Committee will visit Shanghai and participate in a drinking water seminar before concluding their long trip with a visit to the EXPO exhibition.


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