Cannot Act Against President’s Son

The House of Representatives’ ethics council said on Wednesday that it would only summon legislator Edhie Baskoro for allegedly delaying the departure of a Garuda Airline’s flight if there is a complaint from a member of the public.

Until that point, council deputy chairman Nurdiman Munir said, “We cannot take any action.”

However, Nurdiman, from the Golkar Party, said Edhie, the son of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and a member of the Democratic Party advisory council, said the delaying of flights was unethical and warranted a summons from the council.

He said such delays would create havoc with flight schedules.

Firearms reportedly carried by Edhie’s bodyguards had allegedly held up security checks as they boarded a flight from Jakarta to Solo after the guards had been stopped and asked to check their guns.

Achmad Mubarok, a senior member of the Democrat Party, blamed Garuda for the hold-up, saying it “shows the weakness of our culture’s mentality that they must always bow to people in power.”

Nurdiman said given that Edhie’s powerful status could deter anyone from complaining, the council would guarantee the anonymity of any person or group that filed a complaint.

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